Candice Ming


Candice Ming

Candice Ming is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager. A former media practitioner, she has held several positions across the Jamaican and US traditional media landscape, ranging from Junior Producer to Executive Producer (Acting). She brings to RPJ vast knowledge in communications, coupled with experience as a Trade and Export Marketer managing market bases in Jamaica, USA and Japan. She is a strong believer in ethics and is passionate about changing the world, one concept at a time. The concept she believes will have the greatest impact right now, is recycling. She is leading RPJ’s charge to make recycling a part of the Jamaican way of life, by, among other things, introducing community and corporate level projects and public education campaigns.

When she is not engrossed in her day job, she writes novels, and spends the rest of her free time exploring oriental history and studying Japanese and Korean languages.

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