Meet Our Team

Nalini Sooklal

General Manager

Having held various positions within the Environmental sector in Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Sooklal is easily identified as a consistent industry leader with a reputation for tenaciously protecting the environment’s interests, and being involved in cutting edge projects that revolve around sustainable development…

Wincella Cummings

Chief Financial Officer

Wincella Cummings, is the Chief Financial Officer with responsibility for Finance, Logistics and Administration. She previously served as a…

Candice Ming

Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Candice Ming is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager. A former media practitioner, she has held several positions across the…

Jonathan-Adam Beckford

Logistics Coordinator

Jonathan-Adam Beckford, Logistics Coordinator. Jonathan-Adam evolved into this current role from the Customer Relations…

Sophia Williams

Accounting Administrator

Sophia serves RPJ as the Accounting Administrator, a position she has held since 2015, being one of the foundation staff of the company…

Kimeesha Campbell

Marketing and Customer Liaison Officer

Kimeesha Campbell is the Marketing and Customer Liaison Officer. She assists in organizing campaigns and developing marketing strategies to…

Christine Ade-Gold

Marketing & Public Relations Projects Coordinator

Christine leads the Schools’ Recycling Programme. Having previously worked with the Government of Jamaica, she has over 10 years of experience in…

Racquel Hoilett

Administrative Assistant and Vendor Services Administrator

Racquel is the most likely person to be transferred to for all administrative and vendor related issues at RPJ. Her responsibilities include…

Lesmore Fong

Logistics Manager

Lesmore is the Logistics Manager with responsibility for the Logistics and Fleet Management at RPJ…

Aleatia Willis

Operations Manager

Mrs. Aleatia Willis is the Operations Manager with responsibility for managing the operational systems, processes, and policies in support of…

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