Nalini A. Sookal

Nalini A. Sookal

General Manager

Having held various positions within the Environmental sector in Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Sooklal is easily identified as a consistent industry leader with a reputation for tenaciously protecting the environment’s interests, and being involved in cutting edge projects that revolve around sustainable development. She is also versed in the various Multilateral Environmental Agreements that Trinidad & Tobago are party to, and is known as a savvy negotiator having represented the country at numerous International and Regional Meetings. Locally she has chaired and facilitated numerous Cabinet appointed committees focused on environmental policy development and most recently the Strategic Plan for Solid Waste Management in Trinidad and Tobago.

Nalini is well respected within the sector as having a notable professional track record and high ethical standards. Amongst her most notable achievements whilst at SWMCOL are the Establishment of a Recycling Depot in Sea Lots, Port-of Spain and the establishment of the first-ever Beverage container Recycling Facility in the Eastern Speaking Caribbean.

Ms. Sooklal remains passionately committed to national and regional transformation especially in the areas of Solid and Hazardous Waste Management. To this end in 2019 she joined the Recycling Partners of Jamaica, with a commitment to establishing the requisite infrastructure and systems to enact a Deposit Refund System for plastic bottles. She firmly believes that a circularity approach to generation and consumption is needed for achieving sustainability.

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